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Positive Dog Training

Relationship Centered Training For Your Family Companion

In-home Private lessons or intensive Day Training options where you can see the quickest results with the least amount of time commitment from you, the owner

Get off to a smart start with your Puppy. Your future together as well as the outside world depends on training and socialization during this critical period

End the frustrating, stressful and embarrassing attention drawing walks you are having from your dog having reactive displays  when on leash

A discounted program for recently adopted shelter dogs who often need help getting off on the right paw and adjusting to their new found home and lifestyle

About your Trainer

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This is me and my dog Buffalo heading to a hiking spot on our Rad power bike!

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- My goal is to improve the relationship you have  with your dog, helping you build a bridge of cross-species communication with one another.  It's all about Creating Synergy! - 

I'm Kelly Vaillancourt, the owner of WunderDog Training. 

I teach in-home, reward-based dog training within Santa Cruz County. 


Using humane, scientific training methods,   I will teach you how to effectively train your dog using positive reinforcement. Whether it's basic training, resolving leash reactivity, or addressing behavioral problems; teaching your dog using force-free techniques has a life long impact.


The result is a more confident dog and a stronger relationship between you and your pet. 

When you foster the human-animal bond through positive reinforcement, dogs adapt better, remain calmer and stay more focused.

Force-free focuses on encouragement and a positive feedback loop.  No punishment, intimidation, or aversive training tools including prong, shock, or choke collars are used. Understanding your dog's motivations will get the results you want to see and aid in furthering positive connections with them. 

- "Keep Calm and Dog On!"

My call to pursue dog training as a career began while volunteering at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. While working with the adoptable and non-adoptable dogs, It was clear how many dogs end up in the shelter due to lack of positive socialization and training.

With each dog in mind, I aim to improve their quality of life so they may become good canine citizens and well-behaved companions.

My own pack are rescue dogs, who were on their last chance for adoption, and are the best ambassadors for my training approach.


I attended ’Raising Canine’, a science-based positive dog training academy which is actively involved with the (APDT) Association of Professional Dog Trainers, (CCPDT) certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers , and (IAABC) International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

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Kelly really helped us set up good habits with our pup KiKi. In just a few sessions we were successful with leave it, go to your bed, consistent recall, reactivity to new and possibly scary things and the beginnings of loose leash walking. All done with positive rewards, allowing KiKi to figure it out herself. She was always quick to respond to any questions we had about behaviors that came up in between trainings. KiKi loved her, as did we. We highly recommend Wunderdog Training, Kelly loves and is passionate about her work.

Joann G - Santa Cruz