Dog Walking Services

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Neighborhood Walks

A stimulating service for dogs who have established decent manners and just need some exercise, interaction, bathroom breaks and boredom relief.


Enough time to stop and smell the roses and pee on them too!

**If you have a reactive dog, or a dog who pulls, barks, lunges, or refuses to walk, 

please visit 'Walk+Train' to find out more about training for leash reactive dogs.


The ultimate goal is for all to walk together with synergy,

but it may take patience, time and training first!

$30 per 40 minutes, $40 per hour

Multi Dog Households add $5 extra per dog

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Puppy Play & Potty Breaks

Have a pup you must leave at home for hours on end?

Are you needing someone to help with your crate training? Puppy Play & Potty Breaks will relieve your dogs boredom, bladders and bowels and can help with your potty training schedule. If they have an accident I will clean 'em up and address the issue, refresh their toys to maintain the association of the crate as a good place to be.

Also a great service for senior dogs who need short strolls or medication administered.

$30 per 40 minutes

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