Training Services

Classes & Private Options Available


Private - In Home Training

Private Training is for people who have focused behaviors they want from their dogs, but don't have dog training knowledge or skills that are resulting with success.

We will come up with a tailored training and management program to get your dog on the right track to becoming a well behaved, compliant family member. Whether it's teaching basic commands, addressing bad habits, or integrating a freshly adopted dog into your family, private training is often the first step in the right direction. 


This program is designed for puppies & dogs, kids, adolescents & adults - Anyone needing help with guidance and furthering their doggie-human learning experience. 

Everyone involved learns how to teach and respond on a positive, attentive, and rewarding level.

$150 Initial Consultation/Training
$100 per hour thereafter

Day Training Intensive

A private, in home intensive training program that requires less 'hands on' attention from you during the training process.

Different from private training sessions, I work one-on-one with your dog on a consistent schedule and transfer the well drilled and learned behaviors to you at the end of the week.

It is crucial to address training and behavioral issues within your dog's most comfortable environment, home.  We begin training within their domain and gradually expand their skills into unfamiliar environments, working onward and outward.

Day training is a great program if you want to see the quickest results,  just don't have tdedicated time to work on practicing training due to your busy schedule. We can set up a flexible schedule which caters to your needs, several times per week  

$150 Initial Consultation/Training
Packages discussed during consultation
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Walk & Train: Leash Reactivity

Walk and Train is for dogs who once on leash turn into a completely different dog than you are used to. Many dogs are otherwise compliant until on lead, where they become a tethered teammate and embark upon the outside world. The trouble begins: barking, pulling, lunging, cowering, freezing up, and sometimes a physical challenge to keep them under control. 


Walks quickly escalate into a frustrating succession of adrenaline rushes and can result in less activity and enjoyment for you both. 

Walk & Train can help correct these issues and get you where you and your dog are calmly enjoying walks together. 

I will come to your home and begin training within your neighborhood. This program takes patience and time, but with successive sessions, we will steadily increase your dog's tolerance toward triggers. You will begin to have relaxed walks in new environments, learning how to manage problems should they arise.​

$150 Initial Consultation/Training
Packages discussed during consultation
Reactive Rover classes, Saturdays @Santa Cruz Bible Church
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PositivePuppy Class

Wunderdog Training wants you to have a well-trained – and well-adjusted puppy… Your future together and how your puppy interacts with the world depends on it!  

Socialization and training during puppy-hood is critical in shaping what kind of dog your puppy will become. 

Basic Skills Covered:
Sit,Down,Watch Me,Recall,Handling,Biting/Mouthines,Leash Skills,Leave It/Drop it
As well as House Training and Crate Training Tips

During Class, your Pup will have playtime interrupted by training, along with exposure to different people, distractions and new environments. 

Small classes offer attentive and supervised instruction for you and your puppy.

For puppies 10-18 weeks of age beginning their first class and 2nd round of shots.

Outdoor Classes @ Santa Cruz Bible Church (weather permitting)
Open Enrollment
$200 for  5 consecutive Saturdays @ 10:15 am. 50 minutes
Maximum 6 Puppies per Class

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20% off Private Training
10% off Group Classes*

A discount program for the recently adopted shelter dogs as a way to say thank you to the community for giving a shelter dog a second chance to a happy home!  Often adopted dogs come along with a laundry list of curious and well engrained behaviors, making it difficult to adjust to their new environment. Together we can get them off on the right paw and assimilate into their new home, helping create a better relationship from the get-go.

*Offer available for dogs within one month of adoption.
Discount applies to First two private lessons or one group class